Baking and cooking can be fun. It is a de-stressing activity for me and the best part is afterwards, tasting and sharing the finished goodies with family and friends.

Monday, April 26, 2010

200 Cherry Blossom Wedding Cupcakes

I made 200 Cherry Blossom wedding cupcakes for our good friend's wedding on the 17th of April. Eva and Alain are very dear to my husband and I. Eva and I are like long lost sisters, obviously I am the older one:) We are both Kumon instructors. We met on our orientation day in the fall of 2006, she was taking over her mother's 2nd center and I was starting from scratch. It was after a year when we crossed path again. We became regular seatmates on our monthly meetings and started talking. Our friendship blossomed and we dicovered that we have similar life experiences . We are complete opposites, she is quiet and reserved, and I am the social, loud one. Inspite of our differences, we have a very special bond.

This was what I started with, a dummy cupcake, the base was made out styrofoam ball. I had to make sure that the bride approved of it. She wanted burgundy colored cherry blossoms. The top was made out of embossed MMF (Marshmallow Fondant), I brushed it with pearl dust for the shiny glittery effect. The cherry blossom was painted with edible gold glaze and 3 pearlized sugar pearls were glued in the middle.

One thing I found out mixing red + electric blue = burgundy. I love using Americolor, the colors are so vibrant. I made the flowers 2 weeks before the wedding.

The flavor of the cupcake is Eva's favorite "RED VELVET"

Eva told me the cupcake was going to be part of the plate setting. Whew, that made me panic, it meant that the cupcake needed to be flawless because everyone would be staring at it.

At the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Exquisite, very simple and elegant!!!

I was so proud of my work. I also give credit to my daughter, husband and my friend Rebecca, without them it would have been difficult to finish on time.


  1. You are so talented person!! So beautiful cherry blossom cakes:)

  2. You are so talented person!! So beautiful cakes:)